Do’s and Dont’s during Husband’s Business trip


1. Have his travel info so you can track his flight’s progress online.

2. Text him just to make sure that he’s arrived safely

3. Call him after work when he got back to the hotel.

4. Call him again before he’s sleeping. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This call might be a signal whether your husband is really really sleeping or he’s just hanging out at night with……. other woman, maybe?

5. Ask him to buy you a souvenir. THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT. The souvenir will prove whether he went to the place where the meeting was held or not.

6. Cook his favorite food as a welcome-to-home celebration.


1. Don’t call him during the day because he will be very busy meeting his clients.

2. Don’t ask him to text you. He will text when he has opportunity to call you. REMEMBER: WHEN HE HAS OPPORTUNITY.

3. Don’t ask him about the contents of the meeting that day. He will get bad mood.

4. Don’t say that you miss him. It just makes him guilty. (really?? 本当かな?)

5. Don’t tell him about your bad day, just tell him that you have spent a great day.

6. Don’t forget to check his belongings when he arrived home. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You might find some suspicious things….

Postingan ini hanyalah sebuah pengingat agar saya tidak menjadi istri ababil kalo suami lagi dinas ke luar kota.


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